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Rainy Day Saturday

Hello friends,
 Good morning, it is 6:30 am on Saturday morning. Up bright and early, I wish I could say the same for the weather outside. Its a damp day. It is currently raining. It has been raining since yesterday and not expected to clear up until Sunday. I say that now but let's get serious, this is New Brunswick, the weather can change any minute. It must be difficult job to be a weatherman here, cause well honestly the weather is not predictable here at all. As the local saying goes "wait 5 minutes". I cannot complain too much. Our weather never gets that bad here. Yes, we have nasty snowstorms and the occasionally ice storm, but we are used to that. We don't have huge hurricanes, tornadoes, big floods, or anything that causes any serious damage. I should not say that actually, we have had some ice storms that put the power out for a few days and knock down tree branches and power lines. But we really don't have any weather conditions that can destroy your…

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