Rainy Day Saturday


Hello friends,
 Good morning, it is 6:30 am on Saturday morning. Up bright and early, I wish I could say the same for the weather outside. Its a damp day. It is currently raining. It has been raining since yesterday and not expected to clear up until Sunday. I say that now but let's get serious, this is New Brunswick, the weather can change any minute. It must be difficult job to be a weatherman here, cause well honestly the weather is not predictable here at all. As the local saying goes "wait 5 minutes". I cannot complain too much. Our weather never gets that bad here. Yes, we have nasty snowstorms and the occasionally ice storm, but we are used to that. We don't have huge hurricanes, tornadoes, big floods, or anything that causes any serious damage. I should not say that actually, we have had some ice storms that put the power out for a few days and knock down tree branches and power lines. But we really don't have any weather conditions that can destroy your home to the ground. For this I am grateful. I will take the snowstorms and ice storms any day over loosing my home.

  Its quiet in the house this early. Rene and Ralph are still asleep. In an hour or so Ralph, my dog, will wake up and stagger out to the kitchen looking for a morning treat. Yes, he has us trained well. He is quite the character. Ralph is a German Shepherd Husky mix breed. He is smart as a whip. We don't know how he learned half the stuff he does. We never trained him to do anything special. He just naturally is. I recall one time we were walking on the Dobson Trail with my friend Cindy and her dog Jerry. So, Jerry and Ralph were walking ahead of us off leash but not too far ahead. Jerry found a stick he liked and Ralph thought it was okay to grab an end help him carry the stick. Now, you have to understand Ralph is not a small dog. He is about 77 lbs of muscle. I say muscle cause he is very active. He gets over 15km a day of walking between Rene and I. He may be a good size dog but he is not aggressive. "He is a lover not a fighter" is what I always say. Then we have Jerry, a Brittany Spaniel. Jerry is about half the size of Ralph, but he is a full of gusto. They are quite the pair. Anyhow, Ralph grabs the end of Jerry's new treasured stick and this day Jerry is just not having it. This was Jerry's stick and he was not sharing. Jerry got aggressive. He wanted a fight. Well, Ralph as I said before is a lover, this is his best friend or at least Cindy and I believe it so. Ralph did not want to get in a tangle with Jerry so he sat on him, and held him down until Jerry gave up. As you can imagine, this stopped Cindy and myself in our tracks. We could not believe what we were witnessing. Jerry did calm down and Ralph let him go. They got up from the ground and continued to walk side by side, like nothing happened, leaving that stick behind.

But below is by Mr. Ralph and a picture of the Dobson Trail, Fundy National Park. And the third is a picture of Ralph and Jerry on the Dobson Trail one winter supplied by Cindy.
Mr. Ralph on the Dobson

The Dobson Trail
Ralph and Jerry
In my first post, I told you how I became a quilter.  So, today I thought I would tell you about how Callowhill Quilts came to be. I knew I wanted to start a new business, offering crafts that I made. So as with every new company you have to decide what your going to make and sell. I decided to specialize in what I love to do.  I love to do so many different types of crafts. I knew this was going to be a challenge. There is so many ideas available on Pinterest and on the internet. My initial goal was to make a specific type of craft. Then it occurred to me perhaps I don't focus on one product but instead a specific need. I decided to specialize in offering a collection of receiving blankets, burp cloths, baby quilts and paintings.

  My next step was to come up with a name. Now coming up with a name is easier said than done. It is a difficult process. But then I thought about all those blogs out there and the cute names they have for their business and it hit me. I knew exactly what I was going to do! I always thought my street name I lived on sounded quirky but chic. So why not use it, right?  And that is how Callowhill Quilts came to be. I have a Facebook and a Pinterest Account under Callowhill Quilts. Be sure to select the icons located on the top right hand corner of my blog to see them. You can also subscribe your email address to be advised of new posts.

  Today, I thought I would share some of the recent paintings I have made for the shop. They are available for purchase. You can contact me on Facebook or send me an email. Some of the paintings have been sold, but will consider remaking them.  I hope to get my Etsy Shop up and running soon. The size of the paintings are 14 x 14 inch, painted on canvas with acrylic paint. I love how they turned out. I do plan to make more and have more variety of the animal characters. Tell me what you think of them. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Lester the Sleeping Owl
 sold but will remake
Aubrey the Owl
sold but will remake

These owls are quite cute I think. These ones I sold and have a request for a remake. Which I am happy to do. Below are the Foxes. I love the grey fox. They would make a great set. Perfect for a little boys room. And honestly not necessarily for a baby but great for a young boys room,
Gertie the Grey Fox
still available
Roxy the Red Fox
still available
Okay, I think the next two are so super cute. Meet Mr. Panda and Garry the Giraffe. Perfect for that modern baby room. Again great as a set.

Mr. Panda
still available

Garry the Giraffe
still available 
So the last set is the Elephants. Wow, people love the Elephants. They were sold within 3 hours. These cuties are super cute. I have remade one of them. I never did name them. Feel free to comment and let me know what their names should be.

Today, I have to work on cleaning, organizing and  decorating my studio. I have to organize my supplies and paint some furniture. I started redecorating before Christmas but things got in the way as things usually do. I plan to have it all set up and decorated by summer.  I definitely will post a video once I have it renovated. Anyhow folks, this is where I leave you today. I need to get started on my day. Hope you enjoyed my paintings. Would love to hear your thoughts on what I should name the Elephants. Please comment and let me know. Have a great day!



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